Sorry For the Wait! (And Secretary Notes)

My apologies getting everything up and available so slowly to start this season. Now you can all reasonably expect standings, etc. to be posted in a timely fashion from here on out. I ran into a little issue with Weds/Fri not applying individual points correctly, despite all of the rules and parameters looking like they should, so I had to re-create the leagues from scratch which took a little extra time. 

As always, there were some averages that took a while to verify and rather than post something incorrect, I chose to wait. So thanks for bearing with me.

So, I believe everything to be correct as of now. If you believe there to be errors, please contact me (John) instead of Dan. You can find my personal number at the top of your standings sheets. I’ll always reply even if I can’t address the issues immediately. Even if it’s more or less insignificant (like a name being misspelled, for example), please let me know and I’ll take care of it as soon as I can.

With that in mind, there were several matches across the first couple of weeks of all 3 nights that had incorrect averages (remember your Wednesday average isn’t necessarily your book Weds. average going into this season if you also bowled Friday here last year and that average was higher).

And as always, here are the top things we’ll run into later in the year I’m sure (it always happens!) that I’ll come across and change after the fact:

  • Roster freezes (rosters cannot change weeks 9-17). 
  • 11th bowlers (rosters are set at 10; using someone not on your 10-person roster is allowed assuming you’re in a period of the season where it’s allowed to do so. But I will then be forced to remove someone from your roster to keep it at 10. Refer to the league rules for how that works).
  • Blind vs. Blind (remember, if both teams have a blind, they must face each other and the team who wins the game wins the BvB point. If this doesn’t happen during league play, I end up having to change the right lane’s lineup to satisfy the rule).
  • New bowler averages (we use highest Concord average from the prior year first. If none, we use the highest sanctioned average from the prior year instead. If still none [or none verifiable], that bowler will establish a new average which will then be used until the completion of 9 games).
  • Will update this last as they happen. Always on my toes.

Have a great season!

– John


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