Week 1 News & Notes

Entering scores for Week 1 is always fun. In keeping with that tradition, here’s what I’ve been running in to:

First, via the league meeting, there is no such thing as taking -10 for someone’s average. The league is new from last year. Everyone who hasn’t bowled has zero games. Therefore, all bowlers with absents instead of Vacants were changed. The problem with this (from the secretarial perspective) is that the max handicap doesn’t apply to Vacants. It wants to automatically change the handicap from 56 to 84 and there’s nothing I can do until week 2 when I will make the point changes manually. (Basically, all week 1 Vacants are a total 181.) So bare with me.

Next, as always, is averages. Tons and tons of you all bowled in multiple sanctioned leagues here, and I always double-check to ensure we’re using the correct one. For instance, if you bowled in both the Tuesday and the Friday nights of the Tri last year, and you have the higher average on Friday but used your lesser average on the first night of Tuesday, that was changed.

The long and the short of it is changes will be made in Week 2 to Week 1. Week 1 doesn’t populate points until the following week, so that’s the reason for the delay.

As I encounter more issues, I’ll make the updates and edits here.

Good to have you all back.

  • – John

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