This is the Way the Playoffs Went (’20-’21 Season Finale)

Tuesday >>>

Quarterfinals: Team Lakes (#15) over Squad RG —— Everybody Hates Dave over PTBT (Roberts)

Semifinals: Team Lakes (#15) over S.O.L. —— Them Damn Kidz over Everybody Hates Dave

Tuesday Finals: Them Damn Kidz over Team Lakes (#15)

Wednesday >>>

Quarterfinals: Kutis over Deez Nuttz —— G.F.Y. over C&C Plastering

Semifinals: Kutis over St. Charles Boat & Motor —— Hillsboro Sports Medicine over G.F.Y.

Wednesday Finals: Kutis over Hillsboro Sports Medicine

Friday >>>

Quarterfinals: Ray Orf’s Pro Shop over Shelter Insurance —— TB Hearts Richard over PTBT (McNabb)

Semifinals: Samurai Sapolskis over TB Hearts Richard —— Ray Orf’s Pro Shop over Aaron is the Glory Hole! =0

Friday Finals: Ray Orf’s Pro Shop over Samurai Sapolskis

Baker Stepladder Finals >>>

3rd vs. 2nd.: Kutis (Weds.) over Ray Orf’s Pro Shop (Fri.)

Finals Match: Kutis (Weds.) over Them Damn Kidz (Tues.)

Your Tri-Challenge League Champions >>>

KUTIS (Weds.)

——–> Trent McGraw, Mike Barbeau, Danny Day, Zach Marshall, Toria Marshall & Jimmy Davis

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