Archived – So, that’s a record…

Where were you Friday? ‘Cause if the answer is anywhere other than Concord Bowl, then chances are you DIDN’T witness history…

…because that’s exactly what happened.

Gregg Getzlow, Mark Hood, Ron Testa, Tom Shucart & Tom Grimm set a new 5-man scratch game with a score of 1457 (or 279, 289, 289, 300, 300).

If you don’t have your calculator handy, that’s an average of over 291 per bowler for the game. By the way, that’s REALLY good when an individual does it. Even more so when a second person does it. But when everyone does it? That’s something else entirely.

Congrats to the guys from Shelter Insurance on the remarkable feat.

And just in case anyone needs a reminder of how brutal bowling can be at times, consider this: not all bowlers won their individual point that game, they didn’t even win the top prize in the team bracket AND though they still sit atop the standings for the second half, they lost 8 points of ground to the team in second.

Gotta love it! Congrats again guys.

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